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Collinder 424

NGC 6940 (also Collinder 424, Melotte 232 and OCL 141) is a magnitude +6.3 open star cluster located in the constellation Vulpecula.

The cluster was discovered by German-British astronomer William Herschel using a 47.5 cm (18.7 inch) f/13 speculum reflecting telescope at Datchet, England on the 17th July 1784.

Right Ascension 20h 34m 32.3s, Declination +28° 16' 49"



Posts: 131433
NGC 6940

Title: A dearth of planetary transits in the direction of NGC 6940
Authors: Ben Hood, Andrew Collier Cameron, Stephen R. Kane, D. M. Bramich, Keith Horne, Rachel A. Street, I. A. Bond, A. J. Penny, Y. Tsapras, A. Quirrenbach, N. Safizadeh, D. Mitchell, J. Cooke

A survey of planetary transits in the direction of NGC 6940 shows that nearly all of the observed stars are field stars. 
Researchers obtained high precision photometric observations of 50,000 stars spanning 18 nights to identify low amplitude and short period transit events, and have identified 14 stars (that show multiple events), and four stars that show single transits.
Of the 18 candidates, the researchers suggest two should be further researched. However, none of the candidates are convincing hot Jupiters.

Position(2000): RA 20h 34m 32.3s, Dec +28° 16' 49"  Apparent magnitude 6.3.

NGC 6940 is an open cluster in the constellation Vulpecula, (The Fox), of about a hundred stars, found just midway between 23 Vul and 32 Vul.

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