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New Integral Field Spectrograph Reveals the Energetic Gas Outflow from the Supermassive Black Hole in the galaxy NGC 1052, obtained by researchers at Kyoto University and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan by using a guest instrument Kyoto 3DII, have revealed a high velocity bipolar outflow and its detailed structures.

Position(2000): RA 02h 41m 4.8s Dec -08° 15' 21"

The observations will provide constraints on models for origins of gas outflows associated with central supermassive black holes, particularly because the active galactic nucleus of NGC 1052 is young. Gas outflows are considered to have affected the evolution of galaxies since the early phase of the universe.


NGC 1052 is one of only two elliptical galaxies in which water megamasers have been detected. In other galaxies with water megamasers, the masers are believed to lie within a disk of molecules orbiting the galaxy's central black hole. NGC 1052 has an active nucleus.
The water masers in NGC 1052 may lie in a "jet" of material being ejected by the central engine of the active nucleus.


NGC 1052 is 65 million light- years away in the constellation Cetus.


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