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WASP-35b, WASP-48b and WASP-51b

Title: WASP-35b, WASP-48b and WASP-51b: Two new planets and an independent discovery of HAT-P-30b
Authors: B.Enoch, D.R.Anderson, S.C.C.Barros, D.J.A.Brown, A.Collier Cameron, F.Faedi, M.Gillon, G.Hébrard, T.A.Lister, D.Queloz, A.Santerne, B.Smalley, R.A.Street, A.H.M.J.Triaud, R.G.West, F.Bouchy, J.Bento, O.Butters, L.Fossati, C.A.Haswell, C.Hellier, S.Holmes, E.Jehen, M.Lendl, P.F.L.Maxted, J.McCormac, G.R.M.Miller, V.Moulds, C.Moutou, A.J.Norton, N.Parley, F.Pepe, D.Pollacco, D.Segransan, E.Simpson, I.Skillen, A.M.S.Smith, S.Udry, P.J.Wheatley

We report the detection of WASP-35b, a planet transiting a metal-poor ([Fe/H] = -0.15) star in the Southern hemisphere, WASP-48b, an inflated planet which may have spun-up its slightly evolved host star of 1.75 R_sun in the Northern hemisphere, and the independent discovery of HAT-P-30b / WASP-51b, a new planet in the Northern hemisphere. Using WASP, RISE, FTS and TRAPPIST photometry, with CORALIE, SOPHIE and NOT spectroscopy, we determine that WASP-35b has a mass of 0.72 ±0.06 M_J and radius of 1.32 ±0.03 R_J, and orbits with a period of 3.16 days, WASP-48b has a mass of 0.98 ±0.09 M_J, radius of 1.67 ±0.08 R_J and orbits in 2.14 days, while WASP-51b, with an orbital period of 2.81 days, is found to have a mass of 0.76 ±0.05 M_J and radius of 1.42 ±0.04 R_J, agreeing with values of 0.71 ±0.03 M_J and 1.34 ±0.07 R_J reported for HAT-P-30b.

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