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Nevada meteor, March 2, 1895

Title: Meteor Seen in Nevada, March 2, 1895
Authors: S. F. and E. S. H.

A meteor of unusual size and brilliancy flashed across the sky, from the western to the eastern horizon, at 5:15 o'clock this morning. Its course was slightly north of east, and during its passage, the town was illuminated with a glare more dazzling than sunlight. A local observer, who had an uninterrupted view of the flight of the visitor, says it shot out of the western horizon, from behind Mount Davidson. Its appearance was heralded by a noise like the roar of an approaching tempest, which swelled into tones resembling those of distant thunder, as it swept over the town. When it reached the zenith, the light radiating from it was of blinding brilliancy, and its course was marked by a trail of fire. Its contact with the Earth was followed by an explosion, the report of which was heard two minutes afterward. The point of collision was apparently in the range of hills east of Fort Churchill, about 30 miles distant from here. When it struck the earth, the flying particles of matter appeared to cover an area of several square miles.
Reno (Nev.), March 2. - At 5:48 o'clock this morning, a large ball of fire became visible in the southwestern heavens, and exploded with terrific force.
Early risers report the meteor a most magnificent sight. An eye-witness said that his attention was first attracted by a rushing noise in the heavens. He glanced in the direction whence the noise came and saw a great ball of fire. The sight so startled him that he involuntarily dodged. He watched the ball of fire pass through the heavens, expecting to see it fall somewhere within the limits of the city. It passed out of sight in a southerly direction. In about one or two minutes thereafter, there was the rumbling sound of an explosion, and the windows and doors of the surrounding buildings rattled, and the ground under his feet shook.
There was talk of a searching party going out to endeavor to discover the landing-place of the meteor; but when those who saw it fall compared notes, it was ascertained that at least one or two minutes elapsed between its fall and the sound of the explosion. The sound of the explosion was so loud that many who were sleeping were aroused. They thought that the powder magazine had exploded.


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