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NGC 1052

NGC 1052 (also IRAS 02386-0828, MCG -1-7-34 and PGC 10175) is a magnitude +10.5 elliptical galaxy located 65 million light years away in the constellation Cetus.
NGC 1052 is a Seyfert type 2 active galaxy. 
The galaxies NGC 1035, NGC 1042 and NGC 1047 are located in the same region and probably form a group. The galaxy NGC 1052-DF2, which appears to have little or no dark matter, is assumed to be associated with NGC 1052. 
NGC 1052 hosts a rapidly rotating supermassive black hole with a mass of 154 million solar masses.

The galaxy was discovered by German-British astronomer William Herschel using a 47.5 cm (18.7 inch) reflecting telescope at Datchet, Berkshire, on the 10th January 1785.

NGC 1052 shows also two small jets emerging from its nucleus as well as a very extended disc of neutral hydrogen, far larger than the galaxy itself, all these features suggesting a gas-rich galaxy collided and merged with it 1 billion years ago producing all the above features
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Right Ascension 02 41 04.79851 Declination -08 15 20.7517

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