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Cataclysmic Binary

Title: The Pre-cataclysmic Binary HS 1136+6646 May Have a Companion
Authors: James Liebert (1), Kurtis A. Williams (1,2), J. B. Holberg (3), D. K. Sing (3), ((1) Steward Observatory, (2) University of Texas, (3) Lunar and Planetary Laboratory)

Because of the similarity of the primary star of HS 1136+6646 to the planetary nebula central star BE Ursae Majoris, we did wide field imaging of the former with an H-alpha filter. No nebulosity was detected. On the other hand, the point spread function of the star appeared extended. A partially-resolved red component is detected in the image with the five-band Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Most importantly, a companion is easily resolved in the HST acquisition image for the published STIS observation. A companion to the pre-cataclysmic binary is present at a separation of 1.349'' at position angle 54.4 deg. Evidence indicates that it is likely of K spectral type. We cannot demonstrate conclusively that this component has common proper motion with the close binary. However, the similar apparent z magnitudes and spectral types of HS 1136+6646B and the resolved component make it likely that we have in reality a hierarchial triple system. In any case, the presence of this component needs to be taken into account in future ground-based studies.

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