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Supernova 2004ip

Title: Radio Detection of Supernova 2004ip in the Circumnuclear Region of the Luminous Infrared Galaxy IRAS 18293-3413
Authors: M. A. Pérez-Torres, S. Mattila, A. Alberdi, L. Colina, J. M. Torrelles, P. Väisänen, S. Ryder, N. Panagia, A. Wilson
(Version v2)

We report a radio detection of supernova SN 2004ip in the circumnuclear region of the luminous infrared galaxy IRAS 18293-3413, using Very Large Array (VLA) observations at 8.4 GHz on 11 June 2007. SN 2004ip had been previously discovered at near-infrared wavelengths using adaptive optics observations, but its nature (core-collapse or thermonuclear) could not be definitely established. Our radio detection, about three years after the explosion of the supernova, indicates a prominent interaction of the ejecta of SN 2004ip with the circumstellar medium, confirming that the supernova was a core-collapse event (probably Type II), and thus strongly suggesting that its progenitor was a massive star with a significant mass-loss prior to its explosion. SN 2004ip has a 8.4 GHz luminosity of 3.5E27 erg/s/Hz, about twice as bright as SN 2000ft in NGC 7469 at a similar age, and given its projected distance to the nucleus (~500 pc), is one of the closest of all known radio SNe to a galaxy nucleus, and one of the brightest radio SNe ever.

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