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Abell 4059

Title: A deep Chandra observation of Abell 4059: a new face to radio-mode AGN feedback?
Authors: Christopher S. Reynolds (Maryland), Elyse A. Casper, Sebastian Heinz (Wisconsin)

A deep Chandra observation of the cooling core cluster Abell 4059 (A4059) is presented. Previous studies have found two X-ray cavities in the central regions of A4059 together with a ridge of X-ray emission 20kpc south-west of the cluster centre. These features are clearly related to the radio galaxy PKS2354-35 which resides in the cD galaxy. Our new data confirm these previous findings and strengthen previous suggestions that the south-western ridge is colder and denser than, but in approximate pressure equilibrium with, the surrounding ICM atmosphere. In addition, we find evidence for a weak shock that wraps around the north and east sides of the cavity structure. Our data allow us to map the 2-dimensional distribution of metals in the ICM of A4059 for the first time. We find that the SW ridge possesses an anomalously high (super-solar) metalicity. The unusual morphology, temperature structure and metal distribution all point to significant asymmetry in the ICM atmosphere prior to the onset of radio-galaxy activity. Motivated by the very high metalicity of the SW ridge, we hypothesise that the ICM asymmetry was caused by the extremely rapid stripping of metal enriched gas from a starburst galaxy that plunged through the core of A4059. Furthermore, we suggest that the onset of powerful radio-galaxy activity in the cD galaxy may have been initiated by this starburst/stripping event, either via the tidal-shocking of cold gas native to the cD galaxy, or the accretion of cold gas that had been stripped from the starburst galaxy.

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