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Gamma Leonis

Gamma Leonis is a binary star system in the constellation Leo. It has the traditional name Algieba or Al Gieba.
Algieba, as a binary system, consists of two stars. The brighter component has an apparent magnitude of +2.28 and is of spectral class K1-IIIbCN-0.5. The companion star has an apparent magnitude of +3.51 and belongs to the spectral class G7IIICN-I.
With angular separation of just over 4", the two stars are at least 170 AU apart (four times the distance between Pluto and the Sun), and have an orbital period of over 500 years.
The bright binary system in Leo with orange-red and yellow or greenish-yellow components is visible through a modest telescope under good atmospheric conditions.
On November 6, 2009, the discovery of a planetary companion around primary star Gamma-1 Leonis was announced.

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Position (J2000): R.A. 10 19 58.35056 | Dec. 19 50' 29.3468''

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