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The submergence into the sea of the city of Dwaraka, vividly pictured in the great epic of Mahabaratha, has been found to be true.
A chance discovery made by a team of scientists, in the Gulf of Cambay region, establishes that the Mahabaratha story is not a myth. The rich city with fertile landscape and great rivers had indeed submerged into the seas several thousand years ago.

Scientists at National Institute of Ocean Technology, of the Department of Ocean Development (NIOT), while working for British gas in the Gulf of Cambay region, a few years ago, found samples belonged to a period varying from 7800 to 3000 years (BP) Before Present.
A study of the samples revealed the occurrence of fragile and highly sensitive Ostracods (tiny marine and fresh water crustaceans with a shrimp-like body enclosed in a bivalve shell) had been overlain by regular marine fauna.
These results strongly indicated that the freshwater deposition which took place in the area was very much a part of the onshore land region and later submerged to the depths varying from 20 to 40 meters. The alluvium (fresh water sand) samples sent to the Earth Science Department, Manipur University for optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating gave a result of 3000 years (BP) Before Present.

The general layout of the city of Dwaraka described in ancient texts agrees with that of the submerged city discovered by Marine Archaeology Unit.
The city is located in the Jamnagar District of Gujarat, on the mouth of the Gomti River.
The city derives its name from word "Dwar" meaning door in Sanskrit.

Prof. Gartia after conducting extensive investigations concluded that Gujarat region had experienced at least three large killer earthquakes about 1500, 3000 and 5000 years BP respectively. Geomorphological evidences also show beyond doubt that the North-Western part of the Indian landmass was seismically active during the last 10,000 years. These killer quakes are likely to have caused the shifting of the rivers and sea level fluctuation including the sinking of the legendary city of Dwaraka, capital of the Lord-King Krishna.


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